Good Looking Ideas founder Lauren Deane Evans is an award-winning creative director/art director with over thirty years of experience in advertising and graphic design. From her big-agency/big-brand years in New York City to her free-agent contract days in San Francisco, Lauren has developed strong instincts for strategically sound, visually arresting creative work that sells, as well as a knack for communicating with clients in a way that makes them feel respected and part of the process.

A graduate of the High School and Music & Art in NYC, Lauren earned a BFA in Advertising Design from Syracuse University. She has worked on some of the world’s most celebrated global and local brands in agencies and as a consultant, she’s developed brilliant campaigns for Bank of America, Burger King, Charles Schwab, Coca-Cola, Ford, KFC, Kodak, Levi Strauss, Nestlé, PG&E, Time Magazine, United Negro College Fund, USPS, and many, many more.

But Lauren is not a one-woman band. She’s curated a top-tier network of strong conceptual thinkers, writers and developers to complement her talents and tackle any project, small or ginormous. It’s simply the best way to keep the talent level high, the overhead low, and to ensure that clients get (and only pay for) the exact right team for each unique project.

A Woman-Owned and Black-Owned Business—the Good Looking Ideas team’s experience is eclectic. Lauren wouldn’t have it any other way.